A downloadable game for Windows

A simple 2D Space Shooter I made for the OLC CODEJAM 2019.

It is written in C++ and QML und uses the Qt5 Framework.
Since time was critical during the development process, I have not used a scaling factor, so the game is only playable on screens with a resolution of 1920x1080.  
It took about 100 hours to make this.

This game can be played with keyboard and gamepad. It uses xinput and I tested it with a xbox360 controller.


Endless waves of enemies that get stronger.
Minigun with heat management.
Powerful upgrades.
Collect icecrystals to cool down the minigun.


Fixed a bug that would make the special group in even waves way too strong.
Added engine exhaust when using dash and made the dash an animation .

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and start the .exe


BulletStorm.zip 91 MB


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Now THIS is how you make a 2D Space Shooter! I loved literally everything about this!!